The spring weather has officially arrived in Florida, so we’re ready to spend time outdoors before the temperature peak in the 90’s!

Whether it’s getting together your family and friends for parties, after-school playdates or just to get the kids outdoors, try sprucing up the patio or backyard with these 5 simple outdoor décor ideas!

1. Upgrade your seating with different pillows and styles

If you’re gathering with a group of friends or kids, it’s important to have different types of seating styles, whether it’s couches, stools, benches or Adirondack chairs. Place them according to how you’d like people to interact while seated. If you have your seating arrangement all set up, try adding some bright, patterned throw pillows for a welcoming experience.

2. Add greenery, flowers and planters

A great and easy way to spruce up your patio is by using foliage to make it feel tropical and lush. Make sure to find ones that need either full-shade, sunlight or half and half, depending on the coverage of your patio.

Source: SF Girl By Bay
Source: SF Girl By Bay

3. String lights or tiki torches along the outskirts

When entertaining, it’s great to designate a ‘space’ for the crowd to be. If you have a large backyard with a porch, string lights are a great option to extend the porch area to the backyard without it looking too empty. String lights also look great if you have trees extending diagonally or horizontally. If you don’t have a porch area, tiki torches are also a great way to outline or stagger through the yard and they’ll help steer away bugs!

4. Add an umbrella with chaise lounge chairs

Nothing beats grabbing a good book and a beverage after a long day. A simple patterned umbrella covering lounge chairs are a welcoming spot for a couple or friends to enjoy the evening light, poolside or just in the yard.

Source: Pottery Barn
Source: Pottery Barn

5. Create table settings for outdoor dinners

Get the family or friends together outdoors for dinner one evening with the perfect table set up and pillows galore. Stores like Target and Home Goods have great disposable dinner wear if you’re looking to keep dishes to a minimum.

Do you have any other ideas for outdoor patio décor? Share in the comments below!

Source: Table and Hearth
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